Fetal ultrasound calculator

First trimester ultrasound

* Mean diameter = ( length + height + width ) / 3

Corpus luteum
Gestational sac
Yolk sac
Crown-rump length
Nuchal translucency

Fetal heartbeat

Fetal heart rate

Fetal biometry

Multiple Pregnancy

Crown-heel length
Biparietal diameter
Occipitofrontal diameter
Cephalic index
Head circumference
Abdominal circumference
Anteroposterior abdominal diameter
Transverse abdominal diameter
Femur length
Tibia length
Fibula length
Foot length
Humerus length
Ulna length
Radius length
Nasal bone length
Nuchal translucency

Placenta. Amniotic fluid.

Placental thickness
Placental grade
Amniotic fluid index

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