Progesterone levels in pregnancy: chart and unit conversion

Progesterone levels during a woman’s menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

Progesterone levels during menstrual cycle

Follicular phase – 1-1.5 ng/ml – 3.2-4.8 nmol/l
Lureal phase – 2-28 ng/ml – 6.4-89 nmol/l

Progesterone levels during pregnancy

1 trimester – 9-47 ng/ml – 28.5-150 nmol/l
2 trimester – 17-147 ng/ml – 54-468 nmol/l
3 trimester – 55-200 ng/ml – 175-636 nmol/l


Day of menstrual cycle

Cycle length  


С нормами лаборатории
(в тестовом режиме)

Follicular phase

< 1.5 ng/mL ( 4.8 nmol/L ) - Normal level
> 1.5 ng/mL ( 4.8 nmol/L ) - High level

Luteal phase

< 10 ng/mL ( 32 nmol/L ) - Low level
> 10 ng/mL ( 32 nmol/L ) - Normal level

1 Trimester

< 5 ng/mL ( 16 nmol/L ) - Low level, non-viable pregnancy (100%)
< 10 ng/mL ( 32 nmol/L ) - Low level, abnormal pregnancy
< 25 ng/mL ( 80 nmol/L ) - equivocal range
> 25 ng/mL ( 80 nmol/L ) - Normal level, viable intrauterine pregnancies (98%)

2 Trimester

< 40 ng/mL ( 125 nmol/L ) - Low level
> 40 ng/mL ( 125 nmol/L ) - Normal level

3 Trimester

< 80 ng/mL ( 255 nmol/L ) - Low level
> 80 ng/mL ( 255 nmol/L ) - Normal level

Latest Results:

  1. Milli says:

    Plesa tell me day 21 my progestrone level is 28 and my age is 34 please tell me this is good or not.

    • SHARON SAMUEL says:

      My progesterone level is 19.4 on the 21st day of my Menstrual Cycle. Please is this normal or abnormal?

  2. Liz says:

    Hello I had a progesterone level of .33 on day 13 of a 32 day cycle my doctor has put me on 100 mL or milligrams of progesterone cream to be used on the day after ovulation until my next. Can you tell me if that level is low as I noticed that after inputting the figures in your calculator it said that anything under 1.5 was normal during the follicular phase but it also noted that a pregnancy in the first trimester would be unviable is this suggesting that I would have no chance of getting pregnant if my levels are what they are now ?

  3. ashley bragg says:

    my results for my hcg level i was at 14.8 and i dont exacly understand what that means

  4. Sam says:

    My cycle day 21 progesterone level was 80nmol is that good? And what does it mean?

  5. Laura says:

    Hello my progesterone was 176 on sat and dropped to 111 today does that mean I am going to miscarry? My hcg is doubling and I am 6 weeks

  6. emma says: progesterone was 77.9 . it is ok and have chance to pregnant

  7. Hannah says:

    My mom is 47 and i think she has no chance to pregnant . When the result comes , it says 40.0-220nmol/L … what does it mean and my mom have a chance or not ?

  8. Debby says:

    Hi my progesterone level is 40.00ng/ML. Is it normal can I be pregnant?

  9. Debby says:

    Day 21

  10. Keya says:

    My level are 1.20 ng/ml that was my day 21 testing. So does that mean I didn’t ovulate with this cycle?

  11. cally says:

    Hi. I am 32. My progesterone is 2.89 nmol/L .is it normal to get pregnant

  12. Chloe says:

    Hi I’m pregnant with twins at 7w 5d my progesterone was 119. Is this too high? Thanks Chloe

  13. Bonnie says:

    Hello. I am ttc. My level of progesterone is 7.43 I am supposed to start my period today, but no signs yet. Do you think I could be pregnant?? Pee test was negative.

  14. Abigail says:

    Helo….my level of progesterone is 0.61ni tested on day 24…what does this mean
    please help

    • ore says:

      Helo, my progesterone level is 0.61 ng/ml,did the test after 21days after period. what does it mean, am i ovulating and can i be pregnant.

    • Collen says:

      You didn’t ovulate. Below 3

  15. Latrice Wolfe Anderson says:

    Hi my name is Latrice my progesterone is 0.87ng/ml what does that mean can I become pregnant because I’m trying to become pregnant so I was wondering if I’m able to get pregnant.

  16. Christy says:

    My progesterone is 6.84ng/ml on day 21 what doea it mean rply its urgent pliz thank uou for your help

  17. JUVY says:

    my progesterone is 40.6 nmol/L
    RANGES= follicular 0.5 – 5.0 nmol/L
    luteal 10.0 – 75 nmol/L
    pregnancy 40.0 – 220 nmol/l
    Can you please explain to me the result?THANKS!

  18. Marie says:

    Hi my progesterone levels were at 51 on day 21 dpo , I’m not sure if that’s good or bad

  19. n.s.kumarasingha says:

    My day 21progesterone level is 32.2n mol/do. What can be predicted. I’m 35+

  20. Abbie Lu says:

    My 21 progesterone is at 32 nmol/L what does this mean? I am 39 years old. My cycles are normaly 30 -32 days in lengths although the last couple of times it was 40 days in length

  21. yambal says:

    HI, my 21 progesterone is at 68.87 what does it mean? i want to know, is the chance to be get pregnant. pls advise me,

  22. lilly says:

    Hi my day 21 progesterone has come back at 84.7 nmol/L which looking on the net is quite high 36years old

    Also miscarried last august, but had RPOC about 4 weeks last had D+C in November on no specific day my progesterone was 63.9 nmol/L again is this not high

    i am so confussed
    can anyone give me a clear line on what the hell is normal

  23. Rukky says:

    I have been diagnosed if Pcos and was placed on glucophage since last year Dec. I did progesterone day 21 and the result is 0.4nmol/l. Thou my period was induced becos I ve not been menstruating on glucophage. Pls I need a clearification. Thanks

  24. ogunrinde says:

    Am having problem of infertility and my progesterone is 8.3(2.0-25nglml) at day21 and my prolactine is86.4(2-15nglml) are they normal

  25. Super Mario says:

    Hi, my day 21 progesterone is 28.34ng/ ml, what does it means? my cycle are normally 28 days-33 days. I’m 30. Is it good or normal?

  26. Neema says:

    Hi,My level are 1.82 ng/ml that was my day 21 testing. So does that mean I didn’t ovulate with this cycle? My cycle is 42 days since last 3 months
    I am PCOD patient and also hypothyroidism.

  27. Neema says:

    I m 31 yrs old

  28. Sam says:

    Hi my progestrone level is 52. 3 is it normal??

  29. chauhan says:

    does 100 mg clomid affect progesterone levels blood test, also do progesterone level is same on day 21 and day 22 .

  30. chauhan says:

    does 100 mg clomid affect progesterone levels blood test, also do progesterone level is same on day 21 and day 22 . please revert asap

  31. ore says:

    helo… my progesterone level is 0.61ng/ml after 21days period, what does it mean,am i ovulating and can i be pregnant.

  32. shimu says:

    Hi my progesterone level is 41.09 ng/ml what does it mean?

  33. Riss says:

    Does anybody know what unit progesterone is measure in in Australia? My level is 23 7dpo and I am wondering what this means?

  34. Zoe says:

    Hi, I am at day 22 of a 30 day cycle and my progesterone level is 8.55 ng/ml.
    I did some ovulation tests between day 12 and day 14 of this cycle and they all came out negative. Can these results be used to establish whether in fact I have ovulated or not this past cycle?

  35. NEHA says:

    My progesterone level on day 22 is 164.0 nmol/L what that means?

  36. Krish says:

    Hiii my progesterone report was 25.27 ng/ml..
    Still i couldnt get pregnant..
    Going through treatment..
    Also i have PCOS..
    Kindly reply..

  37. crystal says:

    i am 28 and i did the test by 5 days to my next period and results are
    Progesterone: 31.5nmol/l
    follicular phase: 0.6 – 4.7
    ovulating ; 2.4 – 9.4
    Luteal phase: 5.3 – 86.0
    and i have been trying to have a child with my husband for 3years now.
    i am Crystal

  38. Walaa says:

    28 yr old female married since one yr .all my hormone within normal .
    He did progesterone level at 21 day of my period on this month
    There is any chance to come pregnant this month

  39. Reginah says:

    Hi, im 35 and my 23 day progesterone is 0.40, what does that mean?

  40. Dawn says:

    Hello, I am 25 and my doctor had me do a progesterone on day 21 of my cycle and my periods have ranged 36-30 days. The level was 13.20. What does that mean?

  41. Sd says:

    Hi my progesterone level is 40.00ng/ML. Is it normal day 20 can I be pregnant?

  42. Asiya says:

    My progesterone is 65 nmol/L on the day 21 i had 30 days cycle is it normal for pregnancy. …thanks

  43. Oge says:

    Progesterone : 0.5 nmol/L
    Follicular: <1.7 nmol/L
    Luteal: 4.0-50.0 nmol/L
    Post-menopausal: <1.7 nmol/L

    28year old ttc. What does this result mean?

  44. Savitri says:

    My progesterone at day 21 of my menstrual cycle and after ovulation was 2.0 ng/ml. Is it normal? Did I ovulate?

  45. lady says:

    Hi my s-progesterone result is 70.60 is the any chance that I may be pregnant?

  46. Jenny Ivy says:

    my progesterone level 6-8 days before menses is 55, and my age is 38, if I would like to get pregnant, what should I do? Please advise

  47. Nazra Amzal says:

    Hi iam nazra… my progesterone level is 60.9ng/ml in two weeks after my menses… what does that mean? Am I pregnant or due to obesity??

  48. A. CHRISTY says:

    My IVF transfer date was on 4/9
    hcg on 10dp3dt 100.3
    hcg on 11dp3dt 200.8
    hcg on 15dp3dt 1450 and progesterone 3.4
    what does it mean ?
    thanks indeed!!

  49. Lola says:

    0.429 ng/ml progesterone level… is this bad?

  50. Marilin says:

    Hi my progesterone level is 20.24 ng/ml what does it mean?

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