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  1. Carmen says:

    Im turned 44 in May of this year, and I had been on the depo shot for 11 years and stopped getting the shot last year January of 2016.Now me and my sex partner have been having unprotected sex since April. I thought I was gone end up pregnant because we had sex 2 days before ovulation and then 4 more times after. I had been experiencing nausea and mood swings, and tender breast but I went to my doctor and she said it wasnt pregnancy, jus pms.Ok so the my period came in June on the 3rd and I was experiencing painful cramping and little blood clots….I ddnt know what was going on but we had sex on day 2 while I was still bleeding and one more time after but during my fertile days. So today is June 20 and my period due on the the 26…I believe that i am experiencing implantation bleeding, not sure but the cramps are not my period cramps, and the blood started off light pink then turned dark brown/red…I have been reading up on implantation bleeding because with my 4 other children I hadnt noticed any implantation bleeding. With this the bleedi g isnt heavy, its light to medium, not dont need a tampon just put tissue in my panties, so i can take a pregnancy test in 6 days to see if im pregnant or im going through some other change because my doctor gave me a clean bill of health when i went to see her on the first of June.I will post my results in 6 days, and the fact that I wasnt tryning to get pregnant has me a little excited about being pregnant, I already have 4 children ages25,23,21,and 12.

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