IVF beta hCG levels calculator: scatter chart and doubling time

Beta hCG database, levels chart, scatter plot and doubling time calculator by days after ovulation, IVF embryo transfer and missed period in early pregnancy.

“Normal” doubling time

Beta-hCG LMP (DPO) * Doubling time
< 1200 < 5 weeks (21 dpo) 2-3 days (48-72 hours)
1200-6000 5-6 weeks (21-28 dpo) 3-4 days (72-96 hours)
> 6000 > 6 weeks (28 dpo) more than 4 days (96 hours)

LMP – last menstrual period.
DPO – days past ovulation (post-ovulation).

High levels of hCG

Extremely high levels of hCG may suggest multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, or more).

Low levels of hCG

A low level of hCG may mean that ovulation occurred later than expected, if the HCG level is rising (doubling) adequately.


Stage of embryo development

Day after embryo transfer

Result 1

Day after embryo transfer

Result 2

Multiple Pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy

+11120 (+431%)
Total hCG difference
3916 (52%)
2-day increase
3 days 8 hours (80 hours)
hCG doubling time
hCG doubling rate
Average chance (3.5%)
Multiple Pregnancy

< 5 - You are not pregnant
< 25 - You may be pregnant
> 25 - You are pregnant

Transvaginal ultrasound

< 2000 - Thickened endometrium, Corpus luteum
> 2000 - Gestational sac
> 2500 - Yolk sac
> 5000 - Embryo
> 17000 - Fetal heartbeat

Abdominal ultrasound

< 6500 - Thickened endometrium, Corpus luteum
> 6500 - Gestational sac

Latest Results

16 DPO = 1154 19 DPO = 47 22 DPO = 228 25 DPO = 14815 28 DPO = 33099 22 DPO = 4085

Multiple Pregnancy

18 DPO = 73 15 DPO = 20 17 DPO = 10000 12 DPO = 930 18 DPO = 603 23 DPO = 7528

  1. First test numbers are 116,014. By those numbers it’s says I’m around 7 weeks but my period are always on time and going by that I am only 6 weeks. Maybe twins? First appointment with my doctor is in a few weeks.

  2. My beta hog value is 591.42 ,5day blastocyst,after 15 days of embryo transfer please confirm the about report

  3. Hi, I checked beta hcg using a few different calculators and all of them states increase lower than 100% per day. Could anyone tell me if everything goes well as it is 6th week of pregnancy?

  4. I have 5 days embryo transfer
    First hcg 9 dpt is 60
    2nd hcg 13 dpt is 198.60
    3rd hcg 19 dpt is 3000

    Is normal ?

    Or twins?

  5. I’ve had a positive pregnancy test went to the early pregnancy unit today and they confirmed pregnancy but had to have a internal scan and they found no sac or anything but they say I should be 5 weeks and 2 days from the first day of my last period. I had a blood test done and the levels where that my hcg was 61 and my progesterone was over 30. I’m going back for a ‘re scan on Friday has anyone had anything similar? I’m so worried?

  6. I’m 44 yrs old and had done day 5 blastocyst transfer on 23 Aug. On 10 th I.e on 1 Sep my beta hcg was 228, on 13 th day I.e on 4 th Sep it was 1550. 2 blast ocysts were transfered. What this super rise indicates? Twins or single? Pl reply

  7. Sir, I have been processed IVF TREATMENT. My embryo transfer done at 23 August 17. My Beta HCG levels was 544.2
    at day 17 after Embryo transfer. Today is my day 21 after EMBRYO TRANSFER and my Beta HCG levels is 2555. So how can I confirm that all is well?

  8. I’m thinking multiples I am 21 dpo and my beta came back above 28, 000. Does that seem high to anyone else I thought it was oddly high. There is no mistaking how far along I am. I know my exact conception date

  9. Hi i am currently about 7 weeks 2 days by dates
    my test results were

    33dpo 20390
    35dpo 19764

    19th pregnancy
    no live children
    1 stillbirth
    17 miscarriages.

    the dr who red the results . told me not to worry too much it could be just a very simple thing and told me not to stress

    also . i was on the pill up until august 25th i stopped the pill while i was on my period.

    is there any chance that it might be twins ? or what could this mean ? i have had both tests done in the same place . 2 days a part but . first test was taken at 9:45 am and the second was taken at 9:00 am

  10. Hi
    Today i dis my bhcg after 14 day of et, 7 cell 1 b grade
    8 and 9 cell b grade
    My hcg is 12.60
    Any chance for pregnacy

  11. My beta 10th day after implantation was 12.3 12th day 26.5 is it pregnancy or no? Thanks

  12. After 5 days blastocyst transfer on 11th day my beta hcg level is 13.30, am having bleeding since 6 days, doctor advice for susten injection

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