IVF beta hCG levels calculator: scatter chart and doubling time

Beta hCG database, levels chart, scatter plot and doubling time calculator by days after ovulation, IVF embryo transfer and missed period in early pregnancy.

“Normal” doubling time

Beta-hCG LMP (DPO) * Doubling time
< 1200 < 5 weeks (21 dpo) 2-3 days (48-72 hours)
1200-6000 5-6 weeks (21-28 dpo) 3-4 days (72-96 hours)
> 6000 > 6 weeks (28 dpo) more than 4 days (96 hours)

LMP – last menstrual period.
DPO – days past ovulation (post-ovulation).

High levels of hCG

Extremely high levels of hCG may suggest multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, or more).

Low levels of hCG

A low level of hCG may mean that ovulation occurred later than expected, if the HCG level is rising (doubling) adequately.


Day after ovulation

Result 1

Day after ovulation

Result 2

Multiple Pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy


< 5 - You are not pregnant
< 25 - You may be pregnant
> 25 - You are pregnant

Transvaginal ultrasound

< 2000 - Thickened endometrium, Corpus luteum
> 2000 - Gestational sac
> 2500 - Yolk sac
> 5000 - Embryo
> 17000 - Fetal heartbeat

Abdominal ultrasound

< 6500 - Thickened endometrium, Corpus luteum
> 6500 - Gestational sac

Latest Results

16 DPO = 1154 19 DPO = 47 22 DPO = 228 25 DPO = 14815 28 DPO = 33099 22 DPO = 4085

Multiple Pregnancy

18 DPO = 73 15 DPO = 20 17 DPO = 10000 12 DPO = 930 18 DPO = 603 23 DPO = 7528

  1. Melinda,

    Your doubling rate is every 111.8 hours. That is much much slower than normal pregnancies. Most pregnancies with betas between 32 and 64 will double every 24 to 51 hours. This is for singletons….twins would be even faster.

    Having said that….I would give it a couple more days because at 13 dpo you’re right in line with the average hcg level.

  2. I had my hcg at day 14 ET was 228.day 19 was 2232.on day 23 I had bleeding with passed a big blood clot.on the same day hcg was 8800.my hcg on day 27 is 3656.I had 3 embryos transferred..do I have any chance to be still pregnant.

  3. Hi my lmp was 5th mar 2016.. beta hcg level is 0.239. I don’t know the meaning for this any one can explain.. 10days before I took urine test also but that i got negative result.. past 3days I’ve little bit of bleeding.. weather can I take scan or not.. reply plz I’m so confuse

  4. Hi my first hcg was 205 then went to 845 then to 952 then to 1286 then it dropped to 1016 so my dr. Had me stop my progesterone n my hcg went back up to 1276 and my progesterone was 10. Now this last reading my hcg went up to 1416 n progesterone level down to 5.7 i dont understand these weird readings. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago n u could not see nothing. So when my level dropped to 1016 i had another ultrasound done iweek after the first one. And you could see the sac. At that time my level had wen back up so now im schedule for another one in one week from the second one. I have just been praying everyday bout 3 or 4 times a day that this b my miracle baby because i have had like 5 miscarriages already and i know my age has to do with it too.

  5. Hi..my wife’s hcg level 9.8after transfer of 14th day…pls tell me she is pregnent or not…any chance????…

  6. i did ivf treatment my 1st cycle was failed after 4 mouths i did 2nd cycle at 19th may 2016 they tranfer 2embryo with blasto technology on 5th day
    i test my beta hcg on 2nd of june it count 4340 me worried it’s normal?

  7. My HCG-beta level is 23300 & doctor suggest I pregnant other test are also positive. Is my HCG level is normal for 1 month pregnancy?

  8. Hello All
    At 15th day ovulation my hcg level was 328 and on 17th its 798, ..is it normal?. i am carrying single or twins.

  9. Hiii…my first icsi ivf cycle… 3day et on 10 june 16. Had hcg on 24th june 14 days after transfer and it was 4900.. anyone there with similar numbers.. worried abt such high numbers.

  10. My circle was 36days, ovulation on 15th June. 12 days after ovulation, my beta hcg is 200. Day 15 is 700. Am I getting twin?

  11. I have a very low increase at 28dpo. 14dpo hcg=92, at 21 dpo hcg at 2964, now at 28dpo it’s only 3400. Doc worried it’s ectopic or sign of imminent miscarriage. Am gutted and likely clutching at straws here but could it be a vanishing twin situation causing a drop in hcg levels?

  12. Hi… I had miscarriage on 28th may and now did the home preg test , it resulted positive. Went to doctor and my hcg levels were 3792 and 4598 . Doctor hasn’t confirmed it and told us to do scan test after two weeks. Doctor didn’t sound positive, it is really frustrating, can anyone tell me it will turn out positive or negative?

  13. I can’t believe this but my level is now 5500 and today had a scan with strong fht and viable intrauterine pregnancy. amazing result.

  14. My hcg levels at 10 days post embryo transfer were 106.47, they went up to 965.49 at 16 days post embryo transfer, but then rose to only 1399 at 27 days post transfer…. Is this normal?

  15. Hlo my hcg level was 554,6 at 15dpt5dt ,but after two days suffering from heavy bleeding and clots with decreasing level 321,,doctor adviced me to again test after 4 Days.,
    can u plz tell am i pregnant ?

  16. my beta hcg after 14 days of two frozen embryo transfers (grown for 5 days) is 1076 and after two days is 1680. Is it a good enough result? what percent chances is that these are twins?

  17. Hi my betas go like this at 13dpo my beta was 238.8, at 15dpo 1150, at 17dpo 3193, and at 19dpo 6860 is this twins???? Thanks

  18. Hi my betas go like this at 13dpo it was 238.8, at 15dpo 561.8, at 17dpo 1150, at 19dpo 3193 and at 21dpo 6860 is this twins????? Thanks

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